Damage Dealt: 47
Damage Taken: 146
Kills/KOs: 0
Killed/KOd: 4
Most Used Spell: Catapult, Magic Stone, Shocking Grasp (1)
Attempted Thefts: 0
Items Stolen: It’s not really stealing if it’s from a derelect Illithid ship.
Items Given Back: 0
Voluntarily: N/A
Most Items Stolen: N/A
Largest Item: N/A
Episodes Since Caught Stealing: 1
Episodes Since Last Theft: 2
Skull Toilets: 1
Kitties: 0
3-Legged Brain Monsters Who Do A Killer Kitty Impersonation: 1
Githyanki Rescue Squads: 1

P.S. you still smell like butt.

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