Race: Human / Class: Fighter (Battle Master)
Played by: Silverback
Party: Jung Dragons

Though the name, “Legtaker” is but a recently aquired moniker, it is a fitting one. Beginning this most recent stage of his life in a way that would become something of a running joke, albeit a somewhat dark one.

Serving as a city guard in Old Chicago’s smaller, sister city of Greenmill, Gawain often clashed with unsavory bandits and rogues. In a skirmish with some especially foul criminals, one of Gawain’s comrades fell between his Greatsword and one of his enemies. The result was that even though he had slain the bandit, he also accidentally cut off his friend’s leg. Ashamed and disgraced, Gawain eventually left Greenmill and became a sell-sword, eventually winding up in Old Chicago. After a number of weeks in the city, Gawain found himself in a bar fight with a swarthy half-orc. Blades drawn, the half-orc rushed him, only to stumble over a stool as Gawain brought down his greatsword, severing the leg of his attacker.

It is here we find him, jailed for causing greivous harm to a citizen of the great city of Old Chicago.