Race: Minotaur / Class: Monk (Way of the Four Elements)
Played by: Worrier
Party: The Tasty Boys

First Appearance: Episode 07 – What Happens in the Galley

Kleatos B’Goar was born into slavery in a pit-fighting arena, and his childhood was shaped by both the stories of men the world had forgotten and the depravity of the joy those the world still remembered found in watching them die. He found comfort in giving kindness, and as a child, he served hundreds of fathers and brothers their last meal, dutifully listened to the stories of the elderly, and soothed the sick with crude medicine he crafted from weeds and ingredients he nicked from the kitchen. It made sense then, that when Kleatos grew old enough to fight, he continued to share with the other slaves these kindnesses; providing them solace with food, words, and his body. Perhaps it was a budding fondness for Kleatos that put a reluctance in the blade of the hundreds of men who lost their lives by his hand, and perhaps it was the same budding fondness that drove Kleatos to begin binding his arms and legs with scraps of fabric and leather torn from the garments of the fallen; his fleeting companions. Over the decade that he fought, his bindings transformed into a system of belief centered around memories of the path he has taken in life, serving as the arbitrator of his penance and his memory, burdens carried on his body until nature, life, or battle would see fit for him to be absolved.

Naturally, when Kleatos fought, many of the bindings were torn away, but after his emancipation, he watched them fall away as he performed kindnesses for those he met along his wanderings: rescuing lost travelers, repairing wagons, fighting off owlbears; all tasks that deepened his beliefs and earned him a benevolent reputation everywhere he traveled. In time, he attracted the attention of an exiled monk who took him under his wing and absconded with him into the lonely wilderness, and across the planes. As Kleatos trained, his reputation faded, and it seemed that his kindness might forever be lost to solitude, but fate had other plans for Kleatos: shortly after laying his monastic master to rest in the Elemental Plane of Air, Kleatos crossed paths with Theodorus O’Toole and embarked on the journey of a lifetime with the Tasty Boyz.

Of course, for all you know, he’s just a poor monk who needs to change his clothes