For some additional insight into your favorite D&DDT characters and players, we’re rolling out a playlist series to help capture the vibe of the folks making rolls for you every Wednesday. 

This week, we’re getting to know Chicken, the Kenku rogue who does a better impression of you than you can. You can check out all of the playlists on the official D&DDT Spotify account, or listen from the comfort of this website using the embedded playlist below.

What does it all mean? Here’s Worrier with the play-by-play:

Mockingbird by Carly Simon & James Taylor
I’m gonna find myself a better way
And if that better way ain’t so
I’ll ride with the tide and go with the flow


Suspended in Gaffa by Kate Bush
I want it all

I want it all.

Been Caught Stealing by Jane’s Addiction
I enjoy stealing
It’s just as simple as that

She really does enjoy stealing; doesn’t hurt that it’s so helpful. At the rate Chicken is going, she’ll be able to pass as a McHillface any day now.

Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd
What if I left and it made no sense
And you tell your friends
And they hold your hands

Why bother to explain when you can just disappear?

no tears left to cry by Ariana Grande
Right now, I’m in a state of mind
I wanna be in like all the time

Does anything feel better than that first, fleeting taste of freedom? Shame it never lasts long.

Bad Ones by
Matthew Dear f. Tegan & Sara
If I was one of the good ones
I don’t think you’d like me
I’m one of the bad ones
And that’s why you feel lucky

What happens when you want to be better, but all your talents are doing the bad stuff? Maybe that’s why Chicken plays so much dragon chess.

You’re Somebody Else by Flora Cash
Well, you look like yourself
But you’re somebody else
Only it ain’t on the surface

Chicken is new, but who was she before? Great question.

Evil Birds by Shonen Knife
Make them scream
If you know what’s good for you

And who are The Plucked Feathers, anyway?

Undercover by BRONCHO
You might meet your double in the middle of midnight
You might be feeling the heat

Mounting evidence points to the answer to that question arrived in town on the last caravan.

When The Truth Hunts You Down by Sam Tinnesz
What is lost will be found
When the truth hunts you down

So. Who is the hunter, and who is the prey?