Tasty Boyz Interdimensional doesn’t simply define the culinary cutting edge, we also utliize proprietary sorcery to keep careful track of contractor performance. These metrics, both historical and current* [future predictive sorcery under development] assist Tasty Boyz Interdimensional in selecting the most optimal assignments for our contractors, and our bottom line.

In addition to tracking our New King’s Bae operatives, you will find that this data captures many of the early adventures of our beloved Tasty Boyz Interdimensional founders. Rest assured that they have all signed releases and that this data will in no way provide spoilers for future autobiographies.

We hope you will enjoy this glimpse into the inner workings of Tasty Boyz Interdimensional, and that you check back often for the latest information available. Additionally, expect weekly(ish) updates on the Tasty Boyz’s adventures-in-progress.

*Damage Taken readings for Digger Doometree may contain errors due to interference from The Inescapable Void.