Race: Kalashtar / Class: Druid
Played by: The Ringer
Party: Domains of Dread
First Appearance: Domains of Dread – Episode 1

Kor grew up in the Izzet League never feeling like he fit in. Being a Kalashtar was rare enough in Ravnica, but while he exceeded expectations in scientific study he never seemed to have the same magical aptitude as the other adepts. No matter how much he studied runes and incantations they would never stick with him. He was near to giving up when one night Kor experienced the memories of Tash, showing him the ways of nature and a new way to learn and bend spells to his will.

Upon waking Kor furiously took notes on the process revealed to him by his Quori spirit. He worked tirelessly to note and catalogue what he was shown. From that day he has taken time each morning to study nature and memorize the spells he felt he would need that day, applying his scientific method to the forces of nature he meant to control.

Kor has spent as long as he can remember working in the Izzet League. He has spent at least a little time in each of the laboratories seeking one that will fit him best. As he moved through the various labs he at least made a few friends along the way.  In his short time in the Laboratory of Arcane Geometry he met Roya whom he showed the ropes of the Izzet League. She seemed a little out of place, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. She learned fast and was kind, which was good enough for him.

He met Magnar Steelsaw in the Laboratory of Continuism. Kor feels like he has known Magnar for ages, but the two spent only a few months working together before Kor moved on to the Laboratory of Alchemy.

He learned a great deal in the Alchemy lab and he spent the longest amount of time there. Yet Kor felt it was not quite for him and his most recent move was to the Plasma-Dermatology lab at the suggestion of Baldr, a patron of the Aldered State that he had recently become friends with. Kor has suggested an improved process for Plasma-Dermatology, but awaits the necessary ingredients from Baldr and his cohort Torrin Norixius in order to prove to his superiors that this will increase production tenfold over their current processes.