Race: Human / Class: Bard (College of Lore)
Played by: The Ringer
Party: The Tasty Boys

First Appearance: Episode 19 – Oceans D20

Horatio Hetfeld was born into a family of bards. His father Jams Hetfeld was the lead lute player of the world renowned group Metalurgica and saw to it that his son had the finest teachers, and anything he ever wanted. Horatio lived an easy and uneventful life, but he wanted more than just playing his father’s songs. In an attempt to get out and see the world Horatio joined the mercenary group Bad Company and traveled with Mad Jack and his crew. Their many adventures included a flying ship of their own… or rather a falling ship because apparently seafaring vessels not to be very aerodynamic, even if they’re sent through magical portals.

While toiling away on a song that he felt compelled to write about Torm, Horatio was transported into the belly of a great worm. While it did have the benefit of lead to his meeting with the Tasty Boyz, he still wonders how and why it happened. He has decided to play it off as if he transported himself across the universe, but until he has answers he’ll continue searching for the reasons behind his planar jaunt.