Race: Kender
Class: Barbarian
Homeworld: Krynn
Player: Cassandra
Party: Down & Outlands

Growing up on Krynn may not have been easy for most, what with all the dragons and magicians wandering around, but Amulet really had an idyllic childhood. Like most Kender, she found herself traveling all over Ansalon with only her parents, Button & Dart, and her sister Daisy. They met so many nice people everywhere they went! There were friends in everywhere encouraging them to explore the next town or to spend more time outside and not milling about in their shops. They just wanted the family to keep moving and to not become lazy. In fact, the last town they stopped in was essential in teaching Amulet her last name! She never heard her parents use it, but whenever she entered the shops she would be greeted by cheers of “Watch out, sticky fingers is here!” and “Keep moving, sticky fingers!” They were so helpful!

It was on a late-night walk about where Amulet ran into a group of Neogi. They didn’t have anything that they wanted to trade with her but she did find a well-worn set of bone dice to borrow from the interesting looking one. She was about ready to return home when they offered to take Amulet on their next adventure and she thought, “Sounds like fun!”