Race: Human
Class: Artificer
Homeworld: Stormsong
Player: Shannon
Party: Down & Outlands

The tiniest terror from the world of Stormsong, Charity is the first 10 year old Artificer in her world’s history. Well-meaning and exuberant, she can be careless with her art form and has been responsible for several property damaging accidents within her school. She never takes her failures personally, and is even excited to learn from them.

She has little fear, assumes the best in people, and she makes friends easily. The only thing she misses is her best friend from school, who was chosen to be the new ruler of the land she comes from. Missing little Leona is the only thing that seems to make her heart sad, so she doesn’t talk about it or spend much thought on that subject.

For now, she’s excited to embark on a new adventure and see where things take her. The academy had been discussing sending her on a sojourn for a year anyway for her own ‘development’, though her professors would tell you it was so that the school has time to repair.