Race: Protector Aasimar / Class: Bard (College of Lore)
Played by: Worrier
Party: Jung Dragons

Lots of people tell you to follow your dreams; Walken says ignore your dreams. See, Aasimar have this deal where an angel guides them through dreams, so Walken found his way around all that by literally ignoring his dreams. All of them, except one: stand-up comedy.

That said, Walken isn’t the one who’s responsible for his dreams. That duty belongs to his angelic guide, Dave.

See, it was supposed to be Dove, but someone misread the handwriting and by the time anyone noticed, it was already engraved all over the place, into the souls and hearts of men and the creator or whatever, and at that point whatcha gonna do? Dave is the Patron Angel of Doves (and Pigeons), hence the originally intended name. While he dutifully participates in larger campaigns to rid the world of evil as instructed, he primarily strikes back at evil, often the most mundane evil, via those he protects. If a pigeon has ever shit on your head, it was Dave. He knows what you did.

Anyway, Dave has largely given up on Walken, but still pesters him through his dreams to spare Walken from being formally outcast as an Aasimar. Through numerous formal requests filled out in triplicate, Dave has convinced the higher-ups to give him a certain amount of involuntary control over Walken. Sometimes, he takes control during particularly dangerous combat, other times when it’s most inconvenient, most of the time just because he’s bored. It’s a living.

Regardless, he does a pretty poor job of keeping Walken out of trouble, which is fine, because Walken probably deserves what he gets anyway. In fact, at one of his recent performances, Walken told a pun so bad, a lady died! Now he’s exiled from Ole Chicago and has stumbled his way into becoming one of the founding fathers of King’s Bae.

Not too shabby.