Race: Dwarf / Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
Played by: The Ringer
The Jung Dragons
First Appearance:

Eyvar was once a happy-go-lucky dwarf. He had a wonderful family, a wife and child, but for some reason that joy was not meant to last.

Eyvar had been hunting down the a cult who had been terrorizing his underground home. He thought himself lucky when he found their caverns empty of all but the cult leader, Cadmius. There was a pitched battle between the two, but ultimately Eyvar was victorious. As he dealt the killing blow Cadmius’ final words would ring in his head evermore, “but Eyvar if you’re here, who is protecting your family?”

As he rushed back to his home he knew he was too late, but he had to try. He entered the familiar caverns and fount the bodies of his friends and neighbors, still holding hope that his family might be safe he spurred himself onward. Unfortunately as he reached his home he found he was too late to save them as well. As he cradled the body of his wife in his arms he swore that while he may never again feel joy he would work to protect other innocents from meeting the same fate as his family and friends.