Race: Tiefling / Class: Bard
Played by: Shannon
Party: Domains of Dread

First Appearance: Domains of Dread – Episode 1

Algaliarept, or Ali for short, never had what one would call a pleasant upbringing. She spent much of her early life scrounging to make ends meet in Waterdeep, doing what she could to learn the ways of the world while hiding in the shadows of the lords of the city. From her time as a meager street performer busking on corners in the dock district to her notoriety in later years, Ali learned to keep her enemies close and her competition closer. There are few organizations that she has not involved herself with in Faerun at some point, though we won’t talk about her brief stint with the Coinspinners that ran her afoul of Laerael Silverhand.

One bad deal was all it took, setting a domino chain in action that not only led to the toppling of the organizational structure of her home city, but to the untimely demise of the Open Lord herself. That was never the intention…but when a bard’s whispers reach the wrong ears, the words have power that she had not considered. But her way was never one of fighting. So she collected her coin and slid, under cover of night with her friends, out of Waterdeep to seek refuge elsewhere while things blew over.

But somewhere on the road to Torm, things took a nasty turn…one she would rather not talk about. One that brought her to the Domains. One that reminded her that she was a coward deep down, choosing to value her own life and run. One cannot pour from an empty cup. Even moreso if the cup is broken.