For some additional insight into your favorite D&DDT characters and players, we’re rolling out a playlist series to help capture the vibe of the folks making rolls for you every Wednesday.

First up, it’s everyone’s favorite red meat babyface, Kleatos B’Goar. You can check out all of the Tasty Boyz playlists on the official D&DDT Spotify account, or listen from the comfort of this website using the embedded playlist below.

What does it all mean? Here’s Worrier with the play-by-play:

Hold On by Alabama Shakes
Bless my heart. Bless my soul. Didn’t think I’d make it to 22 years old.

I think a lot about how Kleatos held on. How he survived intact. Sometimes I think it was hope. Sometimes fate. I’m still not entirely sure. I hope he teaches me one day.

Bad Bad News by Leon Bridges
They tell me I was born to lose
But I made a good good thing out of bad bad news

What I like about Kleatos is that he shouldn’t work. He shouldn’t be alive. He shouldn’t be a monk. He shouldn’t be the good person he tries so hard to be. But here he is. He’s beaten the odds, and come out the other side all the better despite his hardships. Suck it, nerds.

All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar & SZA
Better live your life
We are running out of time

The time between slavery and monkhood is still murky in my mind, but I’m certain Kleatos has always felt like he’s on borrowed time. There may be anger, there may be missed opportunity, but maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.

Promises by Calvin Harris & Sam Smith
Magic is in the air
There ain’t no science here
So come get your everything (tonight)

Sex hasn’t played much of a role in D&DDT—it’s a weird thing to try to roleplay, and maybe one day I’ll figure that out. In the meantime, though we don’t see it in play, sexuality is intrinsic to how Kleatos understands humanity and the life energy that he believes courses through all of us. He doesn’t believe in love and relationships, but he’ll give you everything. Tonight.

Cocoa Hooves by Glass Animals

Come on you hermit
Why don’t you play nice?
Why don’t you toy with sex and violence?

We don’t know much about the man who brought Kleatos into monkhood, but this song captures his essence in a way I wasn’t quite prepared for. This unshakable, irascible old man, curious and beguiling, coming face-to-face with an angry, confused young minotaur who knows nothing but how to fight. It’s perfect.

Free Animal by Foreign Air
Flesh and bones won’t lie
They won’t lie

This is what Kleatos’ penance sounds like. He’s getting better, but he still has work to do.

Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron
To the ends of the earth, would you follow me
There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see

Digger’s song. Kleatos is a traveler who is tired of journeying alone. So many places to go, so much to see. He hopes his best friend will make the journey along with him. It’s an invitation. It could save both their lives.

Gold by James Vincent McMorrow
There’s something peaceful that goes out via river
Out to the ocean
I was peaceful standing, I was open

This is the song I hear when I think about Kleatos’ insides. His motivations. This might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard, and Kleatos’ might have the most beautiful insides I’ve ever written.

Ain’t Messin ‘Round by Gary Clark, Jr.
I don’t believe in competition
Ain’t nobody else like me around

Present day Kleatos. You want to know his vibe? This is his vibe. Also, if he were a wrestler, this would be his entrance music.

Freedom by Beyoncé f. Kendrick Lamar
I’ma keep running
‘Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves

Freedom is everything to Kleatos. He’s lived most of his life without it, and how that he’s tasted it, if it were taken from him, he would die. It isn’t just emancipation: it’s friends, it’s adventure, it’s confidence. How much does it mean to create bonds by choice? How does it feel to love the friends you choose? There’s no going back.

I had my ups and downs
But I always find the inner strength to pull myself up
I was served lemons, but I made lemonade