Race: Half-Orc / Class: Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Played by: Clark
Party: Tasty Boys

First Appearance: Episode 0 – Part 1

Zurghank Broken Tusk never had a chance to meet his mother. The whispers amongst the late night camp fires, or after the ale flowed freely, painted a tale of Gulgor falling in love with a human from a small hamlet that was later pillaged by a rival tribe. Gulgor lead a campaign against the Bone Gnashers that would’ve made Genghis Khan blush with his military tactics and might. Zurghank defied his father in order to save the non-Orcs from getting unwittingly caught up in one major skirmish. A trial by combat ended in Zurghank exiled and perhaps Gulgor started to reconsider his blood lust.

The prejudices towards Half-Orcs lead Zurghank down a life of flim-flamming and other sorts of words for con artistry. Enter one Brutus. Zurghank never made the connection that Brutus / Jakob knew of Gulgor. And perhaps Brutus didn’t piece it together right away; by this point Zurghank adopted the name of Hank Blood Pile as the ultimate middle finger to his father. Brutus quickly became the father figure that Hank wished Gulgor was.

Brutus saw the newly christened Hank’s penchant for thievery and helped mold him into a proper rogue. Following a heist gone horribly wrong, Hank persuaded the magistrate to turn his prison sentence into conscription into the navy of Ole Chicago. His time in the navy lead to many misadventures including being stranded in the wilderness for well over a month following a pirate attack. A year after Hank left the navy is when his path with the rest of the Tasty Boyz crossed.