Race: Firbolg / Class: Druid (Circle of the Shepherd)
Played by: Worrier
Party: The Tasty Boys

First Appearance: Episode 33 – You Rune Everything

Born into a clan of relative giants who exist only in tales and hushed whispers amongst the villagers below, Elijah can tell you that in truth, the mysterious goings-on in a remote forest village outside of Cheddar Bay are one thing: boring. Elijah never cared much about his clan’s self-branded status as caretakers of the forest, and even less for its resulting unwillingness to travel beyond its boundaries. While he understood the importance of their work, and the gifts the forest provided, Elijah found himself imbued with wanderlust, habitually absconding away with packs of animals: galloping with the elk, flying with the eagles, hunting with the wolves. He relished the freedom he felt while running with the pack, and upon return, relied on his easy affability and undeniable skill to avoid reprimand. Despite the clan’s disdain for his indiscretions, even at a young age, no one could argue that he wasn’t one of the foremost animal handlers in the clan.

Though always friendly and kind, Elijah carried a streak of overconfidence that his increasingly high acclaim did nothing but stoke. Success led to taking greater risks, greater risks led to grappling with bigger challenges, and as it is wont to do, Elijah’s hubris finally got the better of him as he attempted to singlehandedly tame a small herd of owlbears that had taken up a problematic residency near his clan’s village. In failure, the owlbears wrought havoc on the village, and several passing travelers were hastily mustered as mercenaries to help fight them off; Kleatos B’Goar and a mysterious monk among them.

After a hard-fought battle, the ragtag band was successful in destroying the herd, however in the melee, Elijah was critically wounded by an owlbear that slashed his throat. The monk, a former cleric, spared him from dying, but as a not-very-good former cleric, was unable to repair all of the damage, leaving Elijah with a large scar across his throat and a raspy, gravelly voice. As Elijah recuperated over the following days, villagers idly wondered about the considerable amount of time the minotaur interloper spent in Elijah’s hut, but of course, there are only two who can tell those stories.

Mostly mended, Elijah awoke one morning to learn that Kleatos was taken under the mysterious monk’s wing, and had departed from the village toward parts unknown. Shortly after, Elijah stood trial for his indiscretions and was banished from his village. Their loss. Set free to his own devices, Elijah found immense success wrangling beasts and animals from Cheddar Bay to Hublanta, quenching his wanderlust and earning plenty of coin to spend on his newfound body modification habit. Most recently, Elijah completed a hefty contract with the Xaviers in Ole Chicago, helping to return the creatures scattered by the Black Dragon back to their natural habitats.

Suffice it to say, Elijah loves his life, but ever so often, his thoughts wander back a certain minotaur, and for a time he keeps an eye and an ear open for an opportunity that might nudge their paths toward crossing once more. Elijah owes him a favor, after all.