DM: Down & Outlands

Heel Turn Radio started as a dream in a basement full of LEWGI friends yammering into microphones about something they love with a fiery passion. In the years since it has taken on a life of its own. It is a mission statement of “Meet Your Heroes”, it is a brand (we got shirts!), it supports causes (National Pro Wrestling Day), we do commentary around the great state of Minnesota for a growing number of promotions, and it has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life and call them Friend(s).

With D&DDT, The Beard and I were lucky enough to share the World’s Greatest RPG (Dungeons & Dragons) with not just folks we admire, not just our WrestleFam, but also with you. That’s right, if you are listening, or reading this, you are one of us. You’re along for the ride now. You are a part of the great, big old WrestleFam, heck you might even have a version of you living in Ole Chicago as we speak. So pull up a chair, saddle up to the hearth and let’s tell tall tales together, espouse the virtues of The Midnight Express to one another, and share in the wonder of being Family.