Fitzy McHillface has brought his dwindling wealth, backbiting family, and failing health back to the lands of his forefathers. Or so an ancient magical property writ says.

This long abandoned land, now known as The Thirsty Caverns, has swallowed up any and all attempts to mine its fabled Residuum veins left over from the Dawn War. Cities, towns, villages, and hamlets have died, dissolved, or disappeared around these foreboding Caverns located in a massive gash in the world known as Tears Of Talos Canyon. At the base is the sprawling and sweltering Gloomtimber Mire.

The McHillfaces aim to tame their birthright even if they must deal with the dangers of local politics, warring Orc tribes, a Plague of Gnolls, Lizardfolk in the mire, and only the Gods know await in the abandoned mines and unexplored expanses of The Thirsty Caverns. It’s time to find your own way on the frontier!

A whole new gang of PCs on a whole new adventure featuring YOUR King Ginger as Dungeon Master, Orin Veidt as Ripper the Aarakocra Wizard, The Ringer as Eyvar the Eldritch Dwarven Knight, Ultimate Worrier as Chicken the Kenku Rogue, and Referee Hyde Caelum as Vumas the Bloodied, Goliath Blood Hunter.

Episode 1 – You Gotta Gnoll When To Hold ‘Em
Episode 2 – Werewolves of Lomdom
Episode 3 – Won’t Get Ghouled Again