Race: Otterkin
Class: Fighter
Homeworld: Mystara
Player: The Ringer
Party: Down & Outlands

Twig was born in the Savage Coast of Mystara on the shores of the River of Dreams. His small village is located near the lupin city of Louvines where his people served as guides for those headed to and from Louvines, through the plains, and down the River of Dreams. As he accompanied his parents on these voyages he mimicked what they did and soon began to assist them.

At a young age Twig was fascinated by the travelers he helped his parents guide through their homeland, especially the adventurers. The rowdiest of them relied on luck, bragging of their skill, and games of chance. They seemed, at least to his young eyes, to be flush with gold and silver coins. In the little downtime he has, he practices the games he saw those adventurers play and the barely perceptible tricks they performed to win hoping he too can gather as many coins as they had.

On his 10th birthday it was decided that he was old enough to take an easy guide a trip on his own down the river of dreams. As a gift, his parents gave him an old, but well cared for compass. They told him it would always help him guide his way home. On that trip down the River of Dreams disaster befell Twig’s group as a large spider shaped ship appeared out of the sky and they were taken by Neogi raiders. He hasn’t seen his homeworld since. Stuck in a cocoon, he has spent what seems like ages in a hazy dreamless sleep, not knowing where he will end up.