Race: Kenku / Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
Played by: Worrier
Party: Unaffiliated
First Appearance: The Thirsty Mines Episode 1 – You Gotta Gnoll When To Hold ‘Em

[REDACTED] began her life– well, it’s probably best you don’t know too much about that, for your own safety– but regardless, the twists and turns and chutes and ladders of life brought her into the fold of a clutch of Kenku assassins known as The Plucked Feathers. Operating out of [REDACTED], it wasn’t long before The Plucked Feathers gained a reputation for their skill, cunning and most of all, discretion. While no one can be entirely sure, it’s rumored that their first contract eliminated the notorious scoundrel [REDACTED], followed swiftly by [REDACTED], and folks still refuse to cross the Stonegate Bridge after what they did to [REDACTED]. Allegedly.

However, after slipping up in an attempt to kill [REDACTED], The Plucked Feathers found themselves alive, but awaiting trial in the unforgiving Dungeons of Ole Chicago. [REDACTED], having plucked a writ from the jailer’s desk with her Mage Hand, gambled on weighing the scales of fate in her favor by confessing their crimes– or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof– in exchange for her freedom.

Tasked with a mission from Koda Jacob Xavier as part of her penance, and knowing she would no doubt meet her end and the hand of her former flock should they ever be freed, [REDACTED] forged herself a new identity before setting out of Ole Chicago along with Ripper, Eyvor and Vuma The Bloodied.

Chicken is newly hatched, and this is her first adventure.