Race: Hill Dwarf / Class: Barbarian (Path of the Swift)
Played by: Referee Hyde Caelum
Party: The Tasty Boys

First Appearance: Episode 0 – Part 1

Lom McHillface born in the summertime in the poorer end of forest lake too his mother Amber McHillface commonly known to everyone as MaMa McHillface. His father is unknown to him mainly because his mother wont tell him who it is. He spent his formative years attempting to run scams and stealing whatever he wanted/needed in order to survive. Not being the smartest dwarf (or stealthy for that matter) he learned to fight and was nothing more than your common thug. Years go by and when he turned 23 he was gifted an opportunity to leave his home and join a band of adventurers on an airship called the “DragonFly”. This is where Lom met his adopted father Alton Hearthheart, a halfling who seemed to be fascinated by Lom in general and took him under his wing. He taught Lom to fight and speak with clarity. It still makes Alton head hurt that he was never able to get Lom to understand the common cores of education, but that never stopped Lom’s love for adventure. He spent two years with the DragonFly and when he left he ran into the ragtag group that would one day be known as “The Tasty Boys”.