Race: Halfling / Class: Warlock
Played by: Joel
Party: The Tasty Boyz

Ofttimes the origins of a sorcerer’s power is shrouded in mystery. This is certainly the case with Flick Mixel. Like so many others, Flick had a fairly standard childhood. Born the seventh son of a seventh son under the drainage gate of a temple to the Great Old One where dragons were regularly butchered and sacrificed, both parents were slaughtered trying to prevent the rogue, evil wizard Tromveldart, driven by prophecy, from killing this, their only son. Scarred by the deflected, parent-murdering curse he was then whisked away to be raised by gypsy demonologists, supping regularly on unicorn stew and faery blood. So all were surprised when he began to manifest wild powers and random bursts of chaos magic. With zero clues as to the origin of his wondrous and terrifying abilities, Flick concluded that the world is filled with miracles and set off to witness as many of them as possible. That and to sample various regional cheeses.