For some additional insight into your favorite D&DDT characters and players, we’re rolling out a playlist series to help capture the vibe of the folks making rolls for you every Wednesday.

This week, we lost 4 computers and 3 interns trying to teach Lom how to use Spotify, but now that we’re here, it was totally worth it.

You can check out all of the Tasty Boyz playlists on the official D&DDT Spotify account, or listen from the comfort of this website using the embedded playlist below.

But hey, let’s make sure all those computers and interns didn’t die in vain. Here’s Lom in his own words:

In this playlist, I tell the story of Lom’s life through his emotions. I’ve grouped each songs into categories of his life, lets go on a musical journey together:

Early Life

Bloody Nose by Hollywood Undead
The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes f. Ryan Tedder
Could Have Been Me by The Struts

These 3 songs are the feelings Lom had when growing up in Lower Forest Lake, always fighting and being jealous, saying it could have been me.

Leaving Lower Forest Lake

Cleanin’ Out My Closet by Eminem
I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
Basket Case by Green Day

After leaving home, he pretty much went on an emotional down hill roller coaster, finding himself almost losing his sanity.

On the Wings of Fried Dragonfly

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring
This Is War by Thirty Seconds to Mars
I Woke Up In A Car by Something Corporate
Saint Cecilia by Foo Fighters

This is where things turn around for Lom. He gets found by the Dragonfly crew and spends time with them before joining with the Tasty Boyz, and it ends with Saint Cecilia by the Foo Fighters and the lines:

I got this feeling, I can’t keep it down anymore
Bring me some healing
Saint Cecilia, carry me home
To your house of broken bones

Shows that Lom is now kinda understanding his own feelings, and finding some sort of faith in life, and is healing in his own way now that he has found a home in the TASTY BOYZ!