Race: Tabaxi / Class: Warlock (Void Patron)
Played by: Orin
Party: The Tasty Boys

First Appearance: Episode 0 – Part 1

Amongst a society full of proud striped Tabaxi there was a single one that looked unlike the rest, Digger Doomtree. Digger never fit in with his markings that resembled a Siamese cat for common folk. He spent his whole childhood never fitting in. When the other Tabaxi children played he was reading and learning. When it came time to learn how to hunt in the field he learned from a book. Once he became an adult he was cast aside and sent away from the society. Digger’s inquisitive nature almost cost him his life, but it instead gave him everything he ever hoped to find. He was saved by a vessel that was controlled by The Inescapable Void. Digger learned all the Void had to teach him and then some. Digger then made a pact that for infinite knowledge and understanding of the world he would offer never ending service to the Void’s desires. So Digger, along with his Displacer Beast Captain Crunch, tackles the world with a Nihilistic mindset and a mission to inform the world of the pointlessness of this life.