Episode Totals
Total Damage Dealt: 264
Total Damage Taken: 129
KOs/Kills: 2
Deaths: 0(?)
KO’d: 2
Attacks Landed: 14
Attacks Missed: 4
Attacks Avoided: 7
Attacks Taken: 8
Highest Overall Damage: Rock (164)
Most Used Spell: Inflict Wounds, Vicious Mockery (1)
Fallen Sons: 1
Fallen Boyz: 2
Bulettes: 7
With Butterfly Wings: 0

Fallen Son? Who, me? Never heard of him. That’s probably why they call him the Forgotten Son. Doesn’t ring a bell though, nope, not for me. Wasn’t it around sunset when he showed up? That’s right, it was. Fallen SUN, is what he meant. Like sunset. Yep, that’s it. 100%. No one to find, here.

Listen to D&DDT: Tasty Boyz: Episode 99 – Secret Destroyer

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