Episode Totals
Total Damage Dealt: 296
Total Damage Taken: 95
KOs/Kills: 6
Deaths: 0(?)
KO’d: 0
Attacks Landed: 18
Attacks Missed: 3
Attacks Avoided: 17
Attacks Taken: 12
Highest Overall Damage: Kleatos (98)
Most Used Spell: Cure Wounds, Ego Whip, Finger of Death, Poison Spray, Vicious Mockery (1)
Lassoed Bats: 1
Ungrateful Vampires: 1
Fallen Sons: 1
Gratuitously Vivid Descriptions of Poison Spray: 1

The Void stole all my crabs and all I got was this lousy guilt trip

Listen to D&DDT: Tasty Boyz: Episode 98 – Misty Missteps

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