Total Damage Dealt: 0
Total Damage Taken: 0
Kills: 1
KOs: 0
Deaths: 0
Attacks Landed: 1
Attacks Missed: 0
Attacks Avoided: 0
Attacks Taken: 0
Highest Overall Damage: Really depends on what we’re considering “damage,” doesn’t it? The easy answer here is Magnar, but since we don’t have a stated number of hit points taken, then perhaps we have to consider the psychological damage that comes along with the party’s recent actions, and in that case, the answer would still probably be Magnar. It’s Magnar.
Most Used Spells: Identify (19)
Inspiration Granted: 1
Inspiration Used: 0
Fortunes Told: 2
Party Names Rejected: 11
Children Murdered: 1
Powerful Enemies Made: 26
Sessions Since Last Death: 2

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