Total Damage Dealt: 290
Total Damage Taken: 131
Kills: 4
Deaths: 0
KOs: 1
Attacks Landed: 14
Attacks Missed: 3
Attacks Avoided: 6
Attacks Taken: 4
Highest Overall Damage: Kortash (127)
Highest Single Attack: Magnar (38)
Most Used Spells: Cure Wounds, Witch Bolt (2)
Inspiration Granted: 1
Inspiration Used: 2
Insight Checks on Soup: 1
Arcana Checks on Soup: 1
Eyeballs Grown on Tongues: 2
Leeches Vomited: 24
Episodes Before The Warlock Finally Used Eldritch Blast: 7
Sessions Since Last Death: 7

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