A D&D 5E Interdimensional Fast Casual Adventure with the one and only, Tasty Boyz.

Taped as part of Extra Life 2020, a fundraiser benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You can make tax-deductible donations to the Boyz through the end of the calendar year at bit.ly/knownworldunited2020 to support our local hospital: Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare!

Nate Itzen as Horation Hetfeld, Human Bard
Ryan Franson as Kleatos B’Goar, Minotaur Monk
Orin Veidt as Digger Doomtree, Tabaxi Warlock
Joel Vollmer as Big Bloody Rock Leafbottom, Halfling Barbarian
with Ref Dan Fitzgerald as Lom McHillface, Unconscious Dwarf Barbarian
and your DM: Beard from Heel Turn Radio

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