Have you ever done something you regret? Have you crossed a line? Have you ever betrayed your own morality? Most of the time we can justify our actions, we can reason our way through the why and a wherefores, and we can deal with consequences. But what happens when the Multiverse decides differently? What happens when what you’ve done is…Unforgivable? You find yourself in the cold, dank Mists that lead to your new home, The Domains Of Dread.

An all new partnership with TTRP Theater featuring (l-r) during play:
Beard as Charrette the Warforged Juggernaut
Ringer as Kortash the Kalashtar Druid (at table)
Silverback as Torrin Norixious the Dragonborn Ranger (on couch)
Worrier as Baldr the Firbolg Warlock
Orin Veidt as Magnar Steelsaw the Goliath Wizard, 
Cassandra as the Vedalken Princess Roya 
with YOUR Dungeon Master, King Ginger

Catch the live play every other Monday at 7p CST on Twitch!

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