Hank Bloodpile is in deep. Debts owed to his former running crew have him in over his head. In this situation, there was only one thing to do: Call in the TASTY BOYZ. As they make progress on their caravan heist they start to realize that Hank’s old friend Dr. Jakob is more than he seems and that may come with consequences. Will they be able to finish the heist and get Hank out from underneath the heel of his former boss? Will they roll into the engine cart hot like Bad Boys 2? What’s that rumbly in their tumbly? Find out all that and more on Episode 18 of D&DDT!

Starring Clark Feldman, Hyde Caelum, Orin Veidt, The Ringer, Ultimate Worrier, YOUR King Ginger, and as DM: The Beard.

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