Hank Bloodpile and his Bloody Hands are off again on wonderful adventure. Enlisted by his former running partners for one last score to settle his gambling debt, the Tasty Boyz are joined by Hank’s old friend Dr. Jakob and the sell-sword Paladin, Manfred Havenfeather. Will they be able to pull of the caravan heist without being discovered? Can Hank be the leader the group needs to buy his way out from under his gambling debts and get back to independent contracting? Maybe most importantly, will this new iteration of the Tasty Boyz all survive this caper? Find out all that and more on Episode 17 of D&DDT!

Starring Clark Feldman, Hyde Caelum, Orin Veidt, The Ringer, Ultimate Worrier, YOUR King Ginger, and as DM: The Beard.

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