TREMORS! Err, TREVOR! The Boyz are back in town, well, more like below it. In this episode they recover from falls, meet new friends who brawl, and fly through underground halls as they battle giant wurms, deceit, and dissension within their larger party. Will Hank break even in this one last score as part of the Ribbon Gang? What’s the deal with the new guy? (Don’t worry, The Ringer still rolls like Nate) Will all the Boyz make it back home again to enjoy the fruits of the Franchise’s labors? Find out all that and more on a very special Episode 19 of D&DDT.

Starring Clark Feldman, Hyde Caelum, Orin Veidt, The Ringer, Ultimate Worrier, YOUR King Ginger, and as DM: The Beard.

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