LOM McHillface has been taken. Tasty Boyz Interdimensional is suffering a hostile takeover. The World is a Vampire. What to do in the face of all this turmoil? Leave No Boy Behind. With many imprisoned or captured by the forces of the Baron, a group of adventurers band together to save their fallen friends. It took 99 Episodes for Bulette and 100 for a PRISON BREAK. Will they make it to Part 2? Find out on another appetizing episode of D&DDT!

Featuring Elijah Doolittle (Ultimate Worrier), Jeremiah Twilightforge (Ref Dan Fitzgerald), Theodorus O’Toole (Nate the Ringer), Hank Bloodpile (Ref Clark Feldman), and as always Beard as your DM.

One thought on “Tasty Boyz Episode 100, Part 1 – What is Lost Can Never Be Saved

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