Tasty. Boyz. Interdimensional. Has a nice ring to it! The Boyz have been hired on by Hank, Pete, and Jocephus to scout the port lands to the East. With their new business venture in full swing and joint rebranding a foot, our party arrives just in time for the renaming ceremony and find a Jouthful spirit in the quiet fishing town of New King’s Bae. Decisions are made. Bedrooms are called. Shopping goes down. Will the Boyz be welcome with all the commotion Tasty Boyz Interdimensional is causing? Can they fly under the radar long enough to accomplish their goals? What does a magic set of furs go for these days? Find out the answers to those and many more questions than we had time for answers on this week’s D&DDT!

Starring Orin Veidt, Worrier, Referee Hyde Caelum, The Ringer, and Beard as your DM.

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