One year old adventuring party, the Tasty Boyz are intentionally sentback in time to… a little bit ago by a Chronomancer married to eccentric scientist Professor Jakob L. Strongbrew. Upon arriving in the past, he inadvertently causes his parents to never meet. Wait, no. That’s not right. They save Ole Chicago from the Hydra and are greeted as heroes before monsters devastate the city. Now charged once again with the destruction of the Black Dragon to the East, they must venture forth! What danger lies ahead? What has happened to the fair Professor? Howthewhothewhatnow? GREAT SCOTT! Listen to find out all that and more on Episode 27 of D&DDT!

Starring Clark Feldman, Hyde Caelum, Orin Veidt, The Ringer, Ultimate Worrier, YOUR King Ginger, and as DM: The Beard.

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